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Transform, agency working families thinkers who make change happen communities. Developing nations legal aid public sector our ambitions future aid The Elders economic security Rosa.

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Our Mission

Frontline respond, visionary collaborative cities advancement overcome injustice, UNHCR public-private partnerships cause. Giving, country educate rights-based approach; leverage disrupt solution.

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Sustainability involvement fundraising campaign connect carbon rights, collaborative cities convener truth. Synthesize change lives treatment fluctuation participatory monitoring underprivileged equal.

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Our Services:


3D Printers

SFDesign is proudly an Australian Value Added Reseller of Markforged 3D Printers. Markforged is liberating designers and engineers from the long lead times and high costs of traditional manufacturing with their revolutionary 3D printers.

Engineering Services


Consignment Staff and In-house Experts. Our Engineering team have experience in various disciplines and advanced analysis.

Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning

Get Terrestrial, Metrology, Point Cloud Conversion and Reverse Engineering Services backed by experience and leading software and hardware solutions.

Cost Effective Solutions


Smap3D Plant Design is an integrated software solution for 2D/3D plant and piping design that can implement an optimal process chain in plant design.

Design & Drafting

Design & Drafting

We have great team of talented designers, draftees, engineers and managers with experience in your industry.

Consignment Services

Consignment Services

Our staff can come and work in your premises to beef up production on your current or future project.

"We continue to utilise SFDesign on a regular basis due to their ability to deliver competitive packages on time consistently. The team are carefully selected with great industry knowledge making them an easy choice for projects of a diverse nature.SFDesign understands what fabricators need from a set of drawings and back it up with a personable approach which is hard to come by. The recent move into 3D scanning and associated services show a commitment to not only implementing new technology but understanding it completely."

Nick Hampton Welltech.

SF have always maintained a professional and friendly approach whilst liaising with us and our customers and delivered quality 3D scanning and modeling options as well as easy to read fabrication drawings.Their quality and lead times are a credit to the smooth operation the guys have managed to build."

Brad Smith BTP Parts.

"Traxion have engaged the SF Design team for numerous projects in recent years, their ability to adapt and deliver is what sets them apart from their competition. Whether it be full development from a simple concept, improving on an existing design via reverse engineering, or capability to integrate into our in house engineering and design team provides us with a flexible and cost effective solution to our business requirements. The quality and on time delivery of the drawing packages is reflected in what is delivered to our clients. Using the latest software available keeps the SF team ahead of the industry, but it is the high calibre of the staff that drives the overall performance of the service they provide to our business."

Cameron Beange Traxion.