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Reinforcing Fibres

3D print the parts you currently machine

Economically 3D print with advanced materials including nylon, chopped carbon fiber, reinforced continuous fiber, and metal.

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Applications throughout the product development cycle

Integrate Markforged 3D printers at all stages of the manufacturing process, from early prototypes to manufacturing tools to end-use parts.

Markforged parts print up to 50x faster than traditional manufacturing methods.

Markforged drives competitive advantage

Make your products faster, cheaper, and more efficiently by integrating 3D printing into your manufacturing workflow.

Composite 3D Printing

Solutions for Industry & Desktop Applications

Replace machined aluminum with carbon fiber. Stronger parts, 50x faster, and 20x less expensive - save time, money, and effort with Markforged Composite 3D Printers.

Learn More Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, Kevlar reinforced parts from Markforged Composite 3D Printers

Metal 3D Printing

End-to-end metal 3D printing system

Everything you need to go from design to fully functional metal parts in under 24 hours — the Metal X 3D print system is an end-to-end manufacturing solution.

Learn More Metal 3D printed parts from Markforged Metal X



With automatic version control, real-time fleet management and cloud-based collaboration, Eiger is the world’s most advanced 3D printing software. Designed from the ground up to make manufacturing simpler, Eiger enables you to print plastic, metal and composite parts straight from your browser.

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Check out a sample part on our website for free, and we'll send you a Nylon sample, as well as an Onyx sample with Carbon-fibre reinforcement .

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