Perth Engineering Services

Flexible Mechanical, Structural, Civil and Piping with SFDesign's Engineering Team


Consignment Staff

Our staff work in your offices. For when you need high quality civil, mechanical, structural or piping engineers and don't have enough work to justify a full time staff member (or just need high quality staff without the stress) - SFDesign is here to help.


Inhouse Engineering Solutions

We are here to assist.For all projects requiring engineering work, be it civil, mechanical, structural or piping and across a range of industries - SFDesign has the experience and team for you and your business ready to work in our offices.

Nastran FEA Analysis is part of our Perth Engineering Services

Advanced Analysis.

Advanced analysis provides numerical solutions to highly complicated stress problems, and the ability to assess design solutions to accurate levels with the help of specialist software for application in Mechanical, Structural, Civil and Piping Engineering.

SFDesign utilises Nei Nastran, Abaqus, ANSYS and Solidworks FEA.

Finite Element Analysis Engineering Services Perth

SFDesign makes extensive use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to design and verify the structural integrity of products/structures.

Fatigue Analysis Engineering Services Perth

Fracture & Fatigue Analysis
Fatigue analysis estimates the design life of a product before cracks occurs and should a crack occur. Fracture mechanics will estimate the remaining life of the product before it fails.

Dynamic Analysis Engineering Services Perth

Dynamic Analysis
Dynamic Analysis considers the response of structures and equipment that are in motion as a result of applied forces.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Engineering Services Perth

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
CFD is used to model fluid flows, anywhere from highly viscous to low viscous fluids.

Structural Design Engineering Services Perth

Structural Design/Verification
SFDesign can design and verify conceptual ideas to detailed structural design following Australian, ASME, API or DNV standards.

Pressure Vessel Engineering Services Perth

Pressure Vessels
Detailed pressure design for different projects to ensure compliance with regulations.

Why Choose SFDesign?

SFDesign has a highly capable multi-disciplinary Engineering Team

Our Multidisciplinary Approach.Our Engineers have a range of qualifications

SFDesign is an Engineering Design house based in Perth, Western Australia

We invest in local people.At SFDesign we believe in crafting long-lasting relationships with our clients, that’s why we serve WA first.

SFDesign is connected to local Engineering and Manufacturing Industries

We are Connected.SFDesign is the leader in parametric software and integrated PDM systems here in WA.