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Perth Consignment Engineers

Need a qualified expert to come and work side-by-side in your office?

Our staff can come and work in your premises to beef up production on your current or future project.

Their multi-disciplined approach and experience across several industries makes them ideal candidates that can quickly integrate into your office workflow - and when they're done, just simply send them home.

SFDesign Consignment Benefits

How does it work?

  • Call or Write
  • We'll pick the right staff
  • They complete the work
  • You send them back
  • We debrief for productivity
Perth Solidworks Professionals

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Perth Solidworks Professionals

Frequently asked Questions:

Consignment is a great opportunity for Perth businesses to expand their capability with expert designers, engineers and draftsman at a moments notice. Here are some of the common questions our clients have.

Logistics (3)

Where can the designers work from?
Usually, our designers work in with the business they are on consignment with - in your offices. It is also possible to have them work from our offices in Belmont, Applecross and Henderson - which may be beneficial to some clients.
Is there is the minimum amount of time I can have a consignment designer?
No. SFDesign aim to flexible and offer consignment services for the length of time that suits you and your business. There is no minimum.
How far in advance should I plan?
Design work is fast past and always changing, we know this. So, depending on the size and requirements of the job - we can have someone at your office with a computer in under 24 hours.


Is my IP safe?
Absolutely. We take your IP as seriously as you do, and have extensive experience installing PDM and vault systems to ISO 9001.
Do you use my software/hardware or your own?
Thats up to you! We are able to offer our designers and engineers with a computer and software but they can also work on your equipment.
I need a junior/senior staff member.
SFDesign are able to offer a diverse range of designers and engineers, with different skill levels - we will work with you to provide the right person for the job.

What do our Clients have to say?

Customer Testimonails

We continue to utilise SFDesign on a regular basis due to their ability to deliver competitive packages on time consistently

Nick Hampton Welltech
Customer Testimonails

SF have always maintained a professional and friendly approach their quality and lead times are a credit to the smooth operation the guys have managed to build.

Brad Smith BTP Parts.

Call us today at 1300 796 757 or Email us at

Lets make your next project a success with SFDesign's consignment staff! Get our rates