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2D Flow Diagrams (P&ID)

The 2D flow diagram (P&ID schematic) is the "Holy Grail" of plant P&ID. It is the first step and the most important document in the process chain.

In the USA, P&ID diagrams and all associated content for process engineering plants are regulated by ANSI/ISA 5.1 to 5.5. DIN (German ID number) EN ISO 1062 governs this content in Europe. All systems and components (containers, pumps, fittings) are not drawn to scale but are represented as symbols. Pipelines are represented by connecting lines marked with nominal width, pipe specifications, ID number (TAG) and more.

Use Smap3D P&ID to create, change, manage and review your R&I diagrams

In one single package, this databank-based stand-alone software provides the user with all the relevant charts, diagrams, drafts, assessments and tests. Frequent and repetitive tasks are automated and simplified with Smap3D P&ID. All drawing sheets, project sheets and reports are 100% configurable as they are based on templates.

Smap3D Plant Design Overview


2D Symbols and Geometry

In addition to the built-in symbol libraries (ISO/DIN, ANSI/ISA), you can also integrate your own symbols (2D geometry in DXF or DWG format) or use the “symbol generator” to conveniently and quickly create new symbols specific to your company. When placed in a drawing and/or built into a line, symbols are scalable, aligned with a snap grid and respond logically. The turning of symbols and line separation is entirely automatic. “TAG numbers” and further characteristics are also prompted automatically.

Component Information

Company or project-specific components of any kind can be entered in the component databank. If the required symbols must be assigned to components when placed into a drawing, all of the component information – not only the symbol geometry - is transferred to the project automatically. “TAG numbering” prompts also occur automatically. All available information can then be envisioned from the drawing.

Dynamic Lines (Pipelines)

3D-CAD software for pipeline planning – 2D flow diagrams

Our dynamic lines make drawing and processing pipelines easy. By automatically separating or closing, the lines respond dynamically to the addition or removal of symbols/components. Lines no longer need to be reworked manually. These smart lines allow the flow direction display (arrow) to be turned on and off easily.

All symbols that have already been placed in the line progression are automatically turned when the flow direction is changed. Lines can be changed (elongated, shortened, shifted) with the use of “handles”.

A drawn line becomes a logical pipeline after the pipeline features are assigned (pipeline number, pipe class, DN, etc.). All the available information about the pipeline can then be envisioned from the drawing.


Testing (Validation)

“Design Checks” can be used to review individual P&ID drawings as well as the entire project for completeness, plausibility and accuracy. Included among others:
- Flow direction check
- Duplicated or missing tag numbers
- Conformity of the diameter at the connection point and line The flexible software structure enables quick and easy addition of customized design checks.

Evaluations and Reports

Project sheets and exported data for any BOMs and evaluations can be produced from all the assembled project information in the form of symbols, components and pipelines. The following formats are supported for export and their contents are 100% configurable, storable and reusable: XML, Microsoft® Excel® , comma or column separated text data

Smap3D can be used with SolidWorks & SolidEdge
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