SFDesign Joins AMTIL

SFDesign Joins AMTIL

SFDesign is pleased to announce that we’ve recently joined the Australian Manufacturing Technology Instutite – or AMTIL for short.

AMTIL is the peak national body that represents manufacturing technology suppliers and users within engineering and advanced manufacturing industries.  Their reputation as a leading industry body has been demonstrated by being appointed to administer government-industry grant schemes.

SFDesign joins AMTIL

SFDesign has positioned itself as one of the leaders in Australian Additive Manufacturing, and as such is also recognised as an Additive Manufacturing HUB Member with AMTIL. Although SFDesign has over 10 years establishing a network of preferred partners, joining AMTIL will allow us to expand our network and continue to grow our supporting capabilities to emerging and advanced manufacturing with our Additive Specialists.

SFDesign’s ‘Manufacturing Technology Supplier’ membership provides us (and our clients) with access to:

  • Access to the Additive Manufacturing Network
  • Exclusive Manufacturing News
  • Weekly AMT e-newsletter
  • Marketing and Exposure (AMT Magazine etc.)
  • Access to AMTIL’s suite of member services
  • Access to AMTIL’s projects and industry initiative
  • Networking opportunities
  • Government representation
  • + more

In addition, through AMTIL events and programmes, our engineers and designers can keep abreast of additive and advanced manufacturing technologies, ensuring we apply the latest thinking to our client projects.

We look forward to the near future with AMTIL.

You can learn more about their services online here: http://amtil.com.au/