Keeping Up With Sudden Increases In Demand

Keeping Up With Sudden Increases In Demand

Sometimes, everything just clicks.

The company whose work you’ve been chasing for months has finally responded and landed a huge pile of work on your desk. But what if it’s more than you can handle with your current workforce?

How do you keep up with the workload?

You could hire somebody new.

That’s a good idea if the work you have lined up is going to be a good 6 months to 1 year or longer, but if the work you’ve got is only a temporary increase? You might not have work for them afterwards, and it will end up costing too much to keep them employed.

Maybe you could hire an intern or recent graduate.

While recent graduates and interns often take to work with gusto, for your jobs to have a professional finish, you need experts on the job.

OK. What about a temporary recruitment service?

Recruitment services can be a bit like rolling the dice. Agencies aren’t staffed by design managers or engineers and often aren’t the best equipped to understand who is the right person for the job. You could be faced with someone who isn’t ready for the work, or be stuck sifting through resumes yourself to find the right person for the job.

We understand these problems. That’s why we offer our consignment services:

What’s consignment?

Consignment is a service offered by SFDesign, where our expert designers and draftspersons can come and work in your offices; bringing our software and computers with them, ready to hit the ground running.

How does it work?

What you get is somebody to bolster your workforce for as long as you need them and once you’re done you can just send them back to us!

Also, our staff come backed with SFDesign’s full 3D model library, which has been over 10 years in the making, and the option of remote and onsite support from senior management and experts in different areas at all times.

Are you currently struggling with your workload? Contact SFDesign today for a quote and get started focusing on the things that matter in your business. We’d love to help.