DEXTER HD: 7 Axis, 3D-Printed Robotic Arm

Low-cost, High-precision Haptic Robtics is here.


Haddington Robotic Cobot

3D print with Markforged

Haddington Dynamics 3D prints the majority of its Dexter robot arm, reducing the number of parts from 800 to less than 70.

Endless Applications

Haddington Dynamics was created to provide an ultra precise FPGA motion control platform for robotics, 3D printing and automation that simultaneously breaks cost and performance barriers.


Open Source

Our goal is to revolutionise society by making the fruits of the Robotics Revolution available to everyone. This is why Dexter is open source.

Breakthrough Computing

The 200KHz FPGA control system, enables unprecedented computational performance for advanced control algorithms, vision, neural networks, and digital signal processing (DSP), enabling bio-mimicry and humanlike behaviors.


Dexter Development Environment

DDE allows users to develop and run software on multiple platforms to control the Dexter 7 axis robot arm.
Markforged Mark Two & X7 Markforged Mark Two & X7

Dexter HD Kit

Buy a Dexter Kit and print the robot on your own Markforged printer, you can do this completely DIY using the online documentation or attend a "Makecation" at SFDesign where you build the robot with the assistance of our Applications Engineer team! This option is reccomended for people who already own a Markforged 3D printer.

Build Dexter Robot DIY or in SFDesign classes

DEXTER HD reconfigurable robot has a 3kg payload capacity, a 1.4m spherical open work envelope. Its precision of 0.03mm repeatability independent of load (Load Adaptive Repeatability) also makes HD extraordinary.

Dexter HD 5 Axis Robot - Assembled

Don't have a Markforged printer? Buy a complete Robot off-the-shelf ready to go. You can come into SFDesign office and build it yourself or buy complete. This option will include some basic training or more advanced training/onsite assistance to achieve desired application outcomes.

Complete Dexter Robot Kit

Paramount uniqueness is derived from our HD TruTouchâ„¢ technology, which is created using optical measurement, millions of times a second, to achieve total sensory awareness. This haptic interface allows the robot to interact with high resolution force and sensitivity. Ultra-light material used on robot achieves a weight at 6kg