Project Info:

Custom Staircase

A fabricator approached our Perth drafting service in the final hour of a job with a very tricky design challenge. The staircase pictured on the left has 3 separate curves as well as an angular slope upwards.
We had to model the staircase in a way that we can capture the curvature of a beam and document that on a drawing so the fabricator could roll the said beam into the correct shape.
This is one of those jobs that looks a lot easier than it is but after sitting down with the team and all of us discussing it we were able to come up with a way to model this and provide fabricator with the drawings necessary to build it correctly.
Because our drafting service is used by multiple different industries and multiple different disciplines our collective knowledge was able to solve this challenge quite quickly. And much to our clients appreciation as the staircase was holding up the completion of the entire building and costing them money for the delays.