Perth Drafting Service

SFDesign offers a Perth Drafting Service like no other in Perth. There are many way in which we differ but here are some of the import one to you. Firstly all our staff are hand picked and trained by our team, we pick people who are passionate about design and drafting and enjoy coming to the office each day. This mean we have a team that will be working passionately or your project and who take a lot of pride in there work. Secondly our Perth Drafting Service I diverse and flexible our team is constantly getting to develop there skills in nearly every aspect of design this mean that as a company we have very small jobs that might be product design, minor fabrication drafting, lifting frames ect. and we need to make sure we stay competitive and efficient at completing small jobs. BUT we also get medium and even very large projects, that require a team staff and managers and this small little job mentally we carry through bring with it efficiencies we have gained.

Need a qualified drafting services expert to come and work side-by-side in your office? Our experts are trained, mentored and have an extensive skill list over a broad range of Industries enabling us to fit seamlessly into your design team. Our experts will provide an efficient way of up scaling or meeting tight deadlines and when they're done, just simply send them home.

Perth Drafting Services - SFDesign offers unique flexibility in how we work our multi-disciplined approach and experience across several industries makes us ideal candidates that can quickly can complete the work in our own fully equipped drawing office.

My Goal is to is to find people who share my passion for design and drafting and give them a place to do it.

James Staples, Founder.

We provide access to our experienced, quality trained designers to cover peak workload periods, provide specialist advice on a particular project or just to complete your day to day work with a minimum of fuss.

Our drafting services experts are extensively trained in parametric top down modeling techniques. Our experts have the ability to transfer design knowledge from excel spreadsheets, hand calculations or other software into our 3d models

Why use us?

Fast We quick at getting the job done

Diverse TeamWe have a strong mix of designers

Strong Checking ProcedureWe have a team of drafting and design checks

Locally owned & OperatedWe love this city and relationships we develop with our clients

Work on-siteWe can come to you if and when you need it.

We enjoy itLetting us help you with your project is why we come to work