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Laser Scanning Perth
Terrestrial Scanning

Terrestrial Scanning

Long range scanning

Terrestrial scanning is typically used for large equipment as it can scan to 120 – 300m and the accuracy is down to 2mm. The scan file is typically a cloud file.

metrology scaning

Metrology Scanning

High accuracy scanning

Metrology scanning is typically used for small equipment as the laser scanner is attached to a tripod and has around a 3m reach, but can have an accuracy of 200microns. The scan file is typically a mesh file.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Creating real world models

With state of the art equipment we can measure and scan any object to recreate a 3D model for the purpose of replication, modification or fabrication.

Nix Maxwell

Point Cloud Conversion

Turning scan data into useful models

Have a point cloud can be usless to many clients if you dont have the right software and hardware tou turn that nformation in usable data. SFDesign not can do the scanning but we can also turn that scan data into usfull 3D geometry

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